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social and financial skill development program for youngsters age 14-18 

Pilot program at Lakatos Menyhért Primary and Secondary School

Our Dutch partner organization Aflatoun developed programs for children from different age-group which improve both their social and financial skills in order to overcome their difficulties that come from their social drawbacks. Every program improves skills and competences with which they would be able to connect to the majority of the society, 

Aflateen program is for the 14-18 age range.

The five basic elements are:

  • Personal exploration and understanding

  • Rights and responsibilities

  • Savings and selling

  • Financial planning and budgeting

  • Financial and social enterprises

The beginning of improving children's skills and competencies is introduce them their rights, reinforce them, and based on this we can build up to strengthen them economically by teaching them financial matters.


Our association provides skill experience based development training for teachers, pedagogues, youth workers and care givers who take care with these children from disadvantaged background. 

Update: The  program was completed It was a really valuable experience about how to work with children at risk, what kind of challenges and successes could be at the involvement or while running sessions. 
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