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social skill development

for kids age 3-6 

Program for raising awareness of financial matters

for kindergarten children. 

Csoport-téka Association adapted a unique kindergarten program óvodai in Hungary, as a result of it until now 11 kindergarten, almost 600 children and their parents took part in financial education program

You, as a leader or a pedagogue may interested in the following challenges and issues:

  • How can I talk about rights and responsilibilities with kids?

  • Why is it important to start the education about saving of the resources such as money, water, electricity? 

  • What kind of methods shall I use in my group, my kindergarten? 

  • What kind of skills are necessary for coping with life challenges and how can we teach it and practice it in a playful way for kids and their parents?

Emese Miklós Aflatoun mastertrrainer and programleader

+36 20 776 9727 

Plan with us! Implement new methods and introduce them into your daily work!

Get in touch with us!

Let us introduce the Aflatot program!

Our experienced trainers and teachers are working on spreading the methodology and organize a professional network of Aflatot teachers so we can support

their daily work.

Aflatot training

for kindergarten teachers and youth workers!

Our aim is to share financial education with more kids.

The program teaches children financial and environmental awareness through 5 basic elements:

personal exploration and understanding, rights and responsibilities, savings and spendings, budgeting and financial and social enterprises.

For request we send you a unique price offer for the training.

Please write to us!



About the training

Number of participants:
15-30 people

Professional cooperation and changing experience, introducing to Aflatoun program and also practice the Aflatot materials with kindergraten teachers – so after the training teachers would be able to run sessions in their own groups 

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