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Adaptation of the Aflatoun program

Csoport-téka Association is the Hungarian partner of Aflatoun International. The cooperation started in 2015 on an international project, when the two organization met in London. 

Based on the the good professional cooperation and the common knowledge an idea was born to adapt to the Hungarian reality the program of Aflatoun for teenagers called Aflateen. 

After a lot of negotiation and preparation we launched our cooperation. 

In March 2017 our colleague, Ms Emese Miklós completed a master trainer course in the Netherlands. She taught that Summer about the methodology for seven Hungarian trainers to test the Aflateen material. They started a pilot program  that Autumn in four venue. We will evaluate our testing phase of the adaptation, and come back with the experience. 


About Aflatoun International

Aflatoun International is an Netherlands based NGO that provides social and financial skill development programs for children and youngsters.

It works in close cooperation with 192 partner organizations ans the governments of 26 states and reaches 4.5 million children and youngsters annually with this program in almost 130 countries.

Aflatoun Internatonial established  high quality educational materials for three separate age group adapted for the local demands and environments for the partner organizations.

The efficiency and quality of its programs is ensured by the trainings of the teachers, and the continuous evaluations. 

The story of Aflatoun:

The history of the organization started in Mumbai in 1991. 

Some teachers of the TATA Institue of Social Sciences in Mumbai were doing a small project with street kids. In 1992 the was a conflict between Muslims and Hindus. The teachers thought that if the children from different cultural background had the opportunity to meet, they wouldn't afraid of each others, and their prejudices "inherited" by their parents will be eliminated.

So they get together the street kids, as the poor kids with the rich ones, or the Muslim community with the Hindu one. They taught the kids that they are equal, they have the same rights / so the project started with Children's rights. 

Later the children themselves asked to get financial advice too.  Several of them survived on the street, because they had micro-enterprises, and to improve this they needed financial education. So the financial and social balance was arising.

Who and when?

One of the founder of the original program was Jeroo Billimooria.

Later Jeroo moved to Amsterdam. In the new city he was thinking about that if the program that was established in India would work in other countries too. Finally he found partner organizations in ten countries.

He gave them those children books that were developed in India. He empowered the partners to adapt these educational materials, because it would be the most efficient way to use them in their culture. 


The pilot program was successful, and in 2007 the board of Aflatoun launched a campaign in order to reach 1 million kids in 75 countries with the program until 2011.  

It was successful: Aflatoun exists in 130 countries currently.

Among the partner organizations there are great organizations such as UNICEF, great NGOs such as Plan International, Childfund, Children International and Mercy Corps, and beside that more smaller local dynamic NGOs

The Aflatoun headquarters is a small international team, located in an office in Amsterdam. The leader is the director who of it, who is in the hand of the board. 

All the region where Aflatoun does its operation has a regional director (Anglo-Saxon Africa, French Africa, Middle-East and Northern Africa, America, Europe, Middle-Asia, Asia), similar to the head-secretary in Amsterdam.

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