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Safe for triple E' projekt

Social and Financial Education for Engagement, Entrepreneurship and Employment


Social and financial skill  development program for children age 7-13 

Duration of the project: 10.2018.-03.2020.

Training of Trainers: Kisoroszi, 18-22.06.2019.


Supported by the European Union

Free downloadable Intellectual outputs available here


Teachers' manual                                              Trainers' manual

                                                                        in Hungarian

Serbian and Slovakian version of Teacher's and Trainer's manuals 


 Csoport-téka Association in cooperation with two European countries  started to adapt a new educational material in Autumn 2018 in Hungary, for primary school students.

Aim of the project:


The teachers who are trained in this program will teach at the school sessions the kids and their families. Their social and financial skills will be improved, same time raising awareness and developing their basic life competences too. 

Organizations that are taking part in this project: 

  • Skola Dokoran - Wide open school - Slovakia,

  • Pomoc deci - Serbia

The management of these organizations will meet at the transnational meetings and arrange everything connected to the project. 

Expected outcomes of the project:

  • 11 trained trainer


    25 teachers will be introduced with the program during the two days dissemination events
  • at least 200 children will be reached during the project
  • Professional Round table event with experts

  • Final conference for dissemination of the results

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