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AFLATOT - The Baseline for Social Inclusion

Az óvodai program adaptációja

Csoport-téka Association started the adaptation of AFLATOT educational material in Hungary, in cooperation with Slovakia and Serbia, with the support of the the mother organization, Aflatoun from the Netherlands. The project lasts for two years, and aimed the target group of children from kindergarten age and their teachers.

The fellow organizations have wide range of experience in skill development field, so they launched their cooperation in order to provide raising awareness of financial knowledge, and changing of attitudes among members of target groups of disadvantaged background.

Our mission serves important aims on more levels.


The aim of the project

During the adaptation we involve kindergartens and teachers into our programs working with children of families from disadvantage background. We train the teachers, who will run sessions at the kindergarten. This is how we reach children and their families, and their social and and financial and skills awareness improved, same time their life skills and competences are developing. 

The method 

The efficiency of the educational  material is ensured by developing it for the special needs of the kindergarten age. At this age children are very sensitive for the new things, they primarily learn by imitating, following the behavior patterns of adults (their parents' and teachers'). It is really important for the kids that what kind of patter they got from their families and in the kindergarten. During the project we ensure opportunities for exchanging experience, participants took part in study visits in the partner countries in Aflatot sessions, and we held a conference in Bratislava where we presented the results of the project.  

Title of the project 

AFLATOT-The Baseline for Social Inclusion

Project number: Nr.2017-1-SK01-KA201-035348

Duration of the project: 09. 2017.-09.2019.

Expected result of the project

  • 5 trained Aflatot trainer

  • 25 kindergarten teachers took part in the Aflatot training

  • 10 kindergarten involving some of Budapest most disadvantaged district

  • 50 AFLATOT sessions in the kindergartens

  • 200 children are reached during the program

  • Study visit in Serbia and Slovakia

  • Round table involving experts

  • Final conference for disseminating the results

This project is supported by the Eurpean Union


Organizations involved in the project

Aflatoun International, The Netherlands

Csoport-téka Association, Hungary

Skola Dokoran, Slovakia

Pomoc Deci, Serbia

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