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Financial skill development programs


Social and financial skill development program for 3-6 year old kids

Adaptation of Aflatot program in Hungary, supporting by the Dutch organization,

in cooperation with two

European countries


Social and financial  skill development program for 7-13 year old children

Children Embracing in Circle

We are working on the adaptation of the Aflatoun program, currently we are doing the manual of the Training of Trainers and the  Teachers' Manual


Social and financial  skill development program for

14-18 year old youngsters

The pilot program was for the students of Lakatos Menyhért Primary and Secondary School. 

We are currently working on the adaptation of the Aflateen program in Hungary

Social skill development programs

Tea Time Club

English Conversation Club

Clubcard for Teatime:
5.000 HUF/ 4 occasions

Supportive individual talk for those who feel stuck in their life and would like to find the way out.

Apply on this link:


We hold supportive group sessions in cooperation with Care for Our Children Foundation for parents who raise their seriously disabled adult children

at their home. 

Teacher Resources

We ran trainings for the colleagues of BMSZKI. The topic was: how to  fond jobs with homeless clients?

We held workshops, skill development trainings and casework sessions for helpers.

kepzes 024.jpg

We regularly do organization development trainings for helpers.

We have done sessions for the colleagues of FENO (Development Day Care for Disabled) since 2015.

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