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Training of Trainers

We are glad to tell you the great news that within the program of Aflatoun International's - Training for trainers/teachers we launched a series of workshops for experienced trainers to introduce them the approach and the methodology of Aflatoun.

After completing the workshops successfully they will train those teachers directly, will hold social and financial skill development courses for students all around in Hungary.

The aim of the training is that the trainers could gain experience about the various methods that can be used for teaching the following issues:

  • you have rights and responsibilities,

  • you are responsible for the resources of your environment

  • how to plan and manage your financial matters with awareness

  • what is the basic of launching a social and financial enterprise

At the firs occasion participants got to know the Aflatoun approach and the five basic elements. Later all the sessions were be built on this with different methods.



Within the one-day workshops participants could practice exercises provided by the Aflatoun program, and they could exchange the knowledge and share their methodological experience in the complex topic of social and financial skill development.

The introductory program was realized with the support of Aflatoun International civil organization by using their educational materials between April and August 2017. We appreciate all the volunteer work of Csoport-téka Association. 

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